Category: Activity

PTC Wall

Here you can earn points for visiting ads (without iframes) for 10 seconds. Depending on the membership package, different points are offered as a reward. Points are counted in the monthly points contest. You can view ads only one time per 24h. At 00:00 server time the ads will reset and you can claim the …

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Total surfing reward

In this article I will present the total rewards for visiting the sites in the Traffic Exchange program. 1000 sites = 0.01 Cash 2500 sites = 0.025 Cash 5000 sites = 0.05 Cash 10000 sites = 0.1 Cash 25000 sites = 0.25 Cash 50000 sites = 0.5 Cash 100000 sites = 1 Cash

Crack the Vault

This game is a very simple one you have to discover the safe code to open it and collect the jackpot. To participate in this contest you need Golden Tickets. 1 Golden Ticket = 0.10 EUR The jackpot in the safe is loaded as follows: For each failure receive 50% of the 0.10 EUR 50% …

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Win more points

In this category you will receive the points for completing the various offers on the respective portals. These points will help you in the monthly contest. The reward of points differs depending on the offer you make.

The daily surfing reward

Every day there is a reward for your activity depending on how many sites you see in the exchange program. For visiting: 50 sites =  0.001 Cash & 25 Points 100 sites = 0.0025 Cash & 50 Points 250 sites = 0.0025 Cash & 100 Points 500 sites = 0.005 Cash & 200 Points 750 …

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Random daily bonus

Every day there will be a random bonus surfing that will be received after you reach 150 sites viewed. The reward will include one of the following: 0.0001 Cash & 10 Points (Probability 30%) 0.0002 Cash & 20 Points (Probability 25%) 0.0004 Cash & 40 Points (Probability 20%) 0.0008 Cash & 80 Points (Probability 10%) …

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Surf (Traffic Exchange)

In this category you can earn credits for traffic exchange promotion but also various rewards. Depending on the package you have, you will watch the site for X seconds and receive Y credits. To watch a site and receive credits, watch the following video: