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In the comments of this topic I will ask you to leave me proposals with new implementation ideas that you think would be beneficial to our platform.

Point contest

Point contest is a monthly contest with prizes in EUR. Depending on which place you rank, you will receive a sum of money. To win this contest you must accumulate as many points in the last 30 days. IMPORTANT: I would like to inform you that the amount allocated is considered according to the active …

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Crack the Vault

This game is a very simple one you have to discover the safe code to open it and collect the jackpot. To participate in this contest you need money in Purchase Balance. Try cost without clues = 0.02 EUR Try cost with 1 clue = 0.04 EUR Try cost with 2 clues = 0.08 EUR …

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Earn money and points

In this category you will receive points and money for completing the various offers on the respective portals. These points will help you in the daily points contest and the money will go in the commission balance. The reward of points differs depending on the offer you make and what membership package you have and …

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Cash Surfing (Manual)

In this category you can surf sites manual and for every site you visit you win money. Depending on the membership package you have, you will mine one site for X seconds.